Blockchain technology provides a secure platform for crypto transactions that aims to keep hackers away. However, it doesn’t always make the platform immune to cyber-attacks and hackers.

Having been in this space for quite a long time now, I can see quite clearly that crypto security is a significant challenge…

If there’s one standout crypto concept in 2021, it’s NFTs. They’ve grown exponentially in popularity, and have seen trades worth hundreds of millions of dollars within months. The trend is clearly here to stay, and brands have hopped on to the idea.

For the uninitiated, I’ll reiterate what I shared…


The Crypto market is tremendously growing, attracting investors from all over the globe. And the rise of meme coins is putting cryptocurrencies deeper into the mainstream consciousness than ever before. Investors are now investing in meme coins because of their increasing demand and potential to give high returns.

Dogecoin, one…

Dr Vin Menon

A blockchain enthusiast and entrepreneur’s musings on the next big revolution since the Internet.

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